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Today's accounting world is changing constantly, so presenting timely informaton is becoming more of a challenge for continuing education presentations.  Additionally, many presentations involve lists of web sites that are most useful in electronic form.

This site will be used to store such information for later access.  Check out the listings below.

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Larry Stein Phoenix September 11, 2009 Course References

Larry Stein mentioned some of my materials during the course presentation in Phoenix on September 11, 2009. Those materials are mainly at the http://www.edzollarstaxupdate.com website. Specifically mentioned was the material on determining return position support and a debt relief article.

Larry Stein Tucson Course References

On August 13, 2009, Larry Stein mentioned some of my materials during the course presentation. Those materials are mainly at the http://www.edzollarstaxupdate.com website. Specifically mentioned was the material on determining return position support.

Ohio State and Federal Conference Presentation Materials

The items for the 2005 Federal Tax “Last Minute” Update items are found at this link. These are developments after the date the printed manual was “locked down” but that took place before the conference on December.

The IRS news release on the S corporation Schedule M-3 is found available at this link.

The slides for the overall presentation are found at this link.

Arizona NATP Presentation Materials

The slides for the 2005 Arizona Tax Update are found at this link.

Oklahoma Tax Institute Materials

The slides for the 2005 Technology Update are found at this link.

Virginia Office of the Future Materials

The slides for the Virginia Beach Office of the Future Presentation are found at this link.

The slides for the Roanoke Office of the Future presentation can be downloaded via this link.

Virginia 230 Materials

You can download the final Powerpoint slides (with the Hurricane Katrina Bill Summary) via this link and the detailed manual that wasn't distributed at the presentation via this link.

Ed Zollars’ TaxUpdate Podcast

TaxUpdate is current a test Podcast on tax items. It will contain audio updates on various tax matters, as well as selected portions (or maybe even the whole thing) of CPE presentations I give (I have to rehearse, so I can rehearse into the computer’s microphone). To sample the most recent audio post, click the play button below (actually, if I’ve preloaded any audio for the next podcast, which I tend to do, that will pop up first).

The above player will play the most recent podcast—you can hit the skip button to go to the next older podcast (if you want Strangi right now, hit the skip button or you’ll hear next week’s “in process” discussion of employee business expenses). It does require the Flash plug-in to work, but will allow you to listen to a streaming (meaning online) version without downloading the MP3 file to your machine if you prefer to work that way. However, you should still go to the site noted above to get the links to the materials referred to in the podcast.

The most current five headlines are listed here, as well as a link to the feed itself:

Ed Zollars' Tax Update

If you are using iTunes, you can drag the above into the iTunes podcast folder. The podcast will also work with other podcatching software, such as iPodder. You can also type in the feed’s link (http://feeds.feedburner.com/EdZollarsTaxUpdate ) into your software. If you want to know more about what podcasting is and how to use it, see the following definition at Wikipedia.

July 16, 2005

This week the topic is the Self Employed Health Insurance Deduction, including talking about the recently released Chief Counsel Memorandum 200524001. You can also download the documentation for this podcast by clicking this link.

July 9, 2005

This week’s “regular” podcast (if you can call two weeks regular) deals with residency of fiduciary returns. The document you will want to follow the podcast can be downloaded here. The California forms we discuss are the Form 541 and the instructions which contain the instructions and worksheet when you have both resident and nonresident fiduciaries and resident and nonresident beneficiaries.

July 5, 2005

In response to a couple of responses to the second podcast on the taxprofessionals discussion group on Yahoo Groups, I’ve uploaded some more information on self-employment taxes, FICA and payments from auto manufacturers to auto salespeople. The IRS brochure referenced in the podcast can be found at: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p3204.pdf.

July 2, 2005

Currently I have uploaded two 15 minute talks—one on Arizona law changes passed in this legislative session and one on the self-employment tax aspects of LLCs. If this works out, I hope to post updates weekly (or something close to that).

Note that I have no current plans to convert this into something that would “count” for CPE purposes, as that would involve quite a bit of additional work.

Phoenix Tax Workshop June 25, 2005 Presentation on FICA and Self-Employment Tax

This document contains the text distributed for the presentation I gave on June 25 dealing with an update on issues surrounding FICA and self-employment taxes, including S Corporations, LLCs, developments on tenure rights payments (the Appolini and North Dakota State University cases) and two 2004 Revenue Rulings on payments related to employment.

OpenOffice.org 1.1.x Legal Pleading Paper Template

A modification of Victor Baiz’s Pleading.stw template found at http://ooextras.sourceforge.net/downloads/english/, the template attaches the line numbers to the header so that they will appear on new pages and removes the other form text. As a CPA and not an attorney I make no guarantees this is “proper”, but it may serve as a starting point for someone working on pleading paper forms who is using OpenOffice.org 1.1.x (should work with 2.x as well).

Flash Version of Presentation on AJCA 2004

Two Provisions from AJCA 2004 (click on image to move to next slide)

Virgina Powerpoint Presentations - Roanoke, VA, September 29 and 30, 2003

Powerpoint Presentation PDF files

2003 Technology Update
2003 Residence Sale Update

Qualified Retirement Plans:  Basics & Beyond (Lorman) - January 21, 2003 (Phoenix, AZ)

Powerpoint Presentation PDF file

Morning Session:  Qualified Plan Overview
Powerpoint Presentation PDF file

Afternoon Session: Qualified  Plan Issues

Oklahoma Tax Insitute - December 5-6, 2002 (Oklahoma City, OK)

Powerpoint Presentation PDF file
JCWAA Depreciation Update
Powerpoint Presentation PDF file
Technology and the Tax Practice

Virginia Accounting and Auditing Conference - November 21, 2002 (Virginia Beach, VA)

Powerpoint Presentation PDF file
Technology and the CPA Practice

Arizona Society of CPAs September 19, 2002 Presentation


Tax and Accounting Research on the Internet for CPAs
(right click on the above to download to your own hard drive).

Arizona Forum for the Improvement of Taxation - January 8, 2002

Powerpoint Presentation PDF file
Tax Research on the Internet

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